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Honda civic whining noise when accelerating

honda civic whining noise when accelerating Once the fluid was poured the sound vanished. The stator within the assembly uses an overrun mechanism with a series of clutches that when bad can cause a rattling noise. That causes the whining noise. If noises like clunking popping creaking squealing groaning screeching or whining start to pop up then something 6 hours ago Vw Golf Humming Noise. But the soubd never goes away. when shifting to 2nd it is less audible and less again in 3rd gear. Slow acceleration. Initially started at 42 43 stopped at 46. Needless to say i will never go back to that dealer. Answer. It gets louder as I accelerate and seems more pronounced in the lower gears. If you notice your car making a whining noise when accelerating addressing it early can prevent it from becoming a grind. 2006 Honda Civic Si scratchy bearing noise solved Car Noise When Accelerating I have a 2009 Honda Civic si with 89k miles. The whining noise mostly arises due to a loose power steering belt. This type of car speaker whine can usually be fixed by installing some kind of noise filter. Mar 29 2014 Took it to the local Honda dealer back in September and they replaced the Power Steering pump and the noise went away. A Nov 19 2018 If the alternator is causing problem you will hear a whining noise from speakers when accelerating. Heard whine loud and consistent on startup and the whine intensifies as the engine warms with driving. The new Civic The spec Car ramps recommended or floor jack and jack stands Wheel chock Metric hand wrench set Bucket Oil filter wrench Rag s Creeper optional Funnel Oil filter Performing regular oil changes on a Honda Civic is as important as on any other car. As the title says I have a 2007 Honda Civic I 39 m not a car person so I don 39 t really know the engine specs or anything like that. Apr 24 2018 Symptom Excessive Noise at Engine Pulleys Any time you hear a cyclical sound from the front of your engine where the belts are you should check it out. The sound disappears after reaching 35 40 mph. Paul Park 22 505 views. It 39 s constantly present completely tied to revs and persists when clutch is disengaged so it 39 s not coming from the gearbox . So I had my cousin listen to it and I told me to check the heat shield. I am hearing a noticeable whining noise as someone else stated it sounds like I am supercharged all of a sudden . Get your engine tuned up and you may have to replace some of the shielded carbon core spark plug wires or even the spark plugs themselves. Yesterday while driving on freeway only the battery light came on so I exited Apr 26 2017 Hi Bowdie I have the same sort of noise like owl whistle noise on second third and fourth when under load or climbing a hill or some sort of steep roads and it s quite frustrating because I had the car in at two Audi centres and they can t fault it although I have a feeling that the car wasn t checked properly. Pretty sure its coming from the belt idler or tensioner. On the 4th and 5th no noise. For a few days now when I accelerate there 39 s this rough noise sort of part rattle part grumble part squeal but not constant more like 39 pulsating 39 . It sounds similar to a remote control car or small electric motor and the pitch raises up when the engine speeds up. May 23 2019 Ma Ford Transit makes whining noise when I accelerate Rattling or whistling noise generated by the turbo If you have a power loss that occurs with the rattling noise when you accelerate with your Ford Transit it is conceivable that your turbo is screwing up and some of its parts are at the end of their life. A car making whining noise when accelerating is a sign 2003 honda civic ex manual transmission noise when accelerating of a failing alternator failing automatic transmission or a . Check for slack glazing or cracking. We asked several passengers over the course of a few weeks. The ignition coil is not in good working condition if you feel your Civic shakes hesitates when accelerating or hard to drive. The sound it s more obvious when the regen of dpf is on it s a strong whine noise The bushing was torn in the drivers side motor mount. Learn more now now about different tire noises and what they might mean for your vehicle. 1. Jan 23 2017 Hello if the noise increases with the speed of the vehicle but only while you are accelerating as opposed to coasting the problem is in the drivetrain transmission or differential . If it 39 s loud the alternator needs replacing. Change it if needed. It was because the power steering fluid level was low. The biggest offender of noise in the car audio environment is alternator whine. Wiki User. Any help will be highly appreciated. I recently took it to two dealers and asked about it. it 39 s not the belts or anything because once both the belts broke when my younger brother was driving so i had to drive the car back home and still i was getting that noise Sep 18 2016 2006 Honda Jazz aka. In this article we will show you several possible causes and also discuss different treatments or precautions to solve this issue and enjoy the comfort of a long drive. While accelerating from a stop the vehicle began to shake until it reached at least 20 mph. Recently over summer I 39 ve noticed a really annoying whining noise that has of driving to half an hour it will have a loud whine under acceleration. Always has I did nbsp 10 Nov 2011 If I accelerate the sound either disappears or it 39 s very faint. See full list on honda tech. It does have an external transmission filter which was changed then. When it happens the sound will occur when you are turning the steering wheels. When I reverse it makes a very weird humming sound. It occurs in the summer and winter. Your problem seems to be different but you can check your power steering fluid just to be sure. autos. I know this is a fairly old thread but I just started having a similar issue with my 08 Civic SI sedan. A Summary SHUDDER OR WHINE FROM THE TRANSMISSION WHEN ACCELERATING FROM A STOP. Hello experts I have a honda civic 8th gen 2007 model. All of the petroleum based products in a car that heat up Take a unique look at how the Honda Civic has been molded through the years. Since I 39 ve owned it everytime I am accelerating from 2300 to right before Vcrack there 39 s a whining noise coming from the engine bay like the s c is Apr 15 2017 Sometimes there would be a whining noise when accelerating which is caused by some potential reasons. I noticed the noise on hard acceleration and on left hand turns while accelerating. 1000 miles of driving. 1 00. i have a 2010 dodge caliber auto transmission. 5 Liter engine. It 39 s just a rod and if you park your car at an incline and the only thing keeping your car from rolling away is that rod you 39 re going to stress that part out and subject it to premature wear. A Sep 15 2013 Civic Honda 2007 Mechanical Whining Sound Grows Louder While Accelerating Sep 15 2013. Happens in every gear but most Why does your Honda accord make a whining noise when accelerating but stops after about 45mph 3 4 5. 2 L 4 Cylinder SIR B16A Engine sputter power loss at higher RPM Duration 1 14. The power steering system is a critical part of an automobile and should not be ignored or a driver may find himself unable to control the vehicle. i really couldnt tell nbsp Can an Alternator Cause My Car to Make a Whining Noise While Driving When your car is accelerating the engine is working hard to push your car faster and I have a 2010 Honda Civic and about a week ago i notice a VERY loud and nbsp A whining noise while accelerating it can causes by several things including low levels of steering fluid the steering pump a leak in the pump the alternator nbsp Hope someone can slightly shine a light on what my Honda Civic is doing. I know this is a strange question but for those of you that hear the humming noise How old are you I have a 2014 Accord Hybrid and my kids always say they can hear a whining sound when I accelerate and it stops when I stop accelerating . Aug 05 2019 My fiancee has a 2015 Civic base model DX With 37K miles. It 39 s a 1 owner car since new with 51 000KMs on it as of today always maintained and looked after. We may earn money from the links on this page. Do not hear it while idle. I popped the hood and the belt looks fine but there is a hot smell coming from the engine compartment. After 9 years of perfect satisfaction with a 2001 Honda Accord I purchased a new 2010 Honda Accord on 08 2010. I have a 07 Honda Civic automatic. many technicians Mechanics confuse this alternator noise with I own a 2007 Honda Civic. Here are the most common causes of whining noises when accelerating 1. It sounds like a bad power steering pump but doesn 39 t vary in volume when turning the steering wheel. Honda said it was normal gear lash. It s hot and it s bright and my expectations are taking one hell of a beating. TT I know you have time limits on your ability to provide help but any direction advice would be helpful. Your engine s whining noise can be addressed relatively easily. Once replaced at 150 the noise went away. Most experts consider it a good investment because it s stylish comfortable re A whining noise may occur as a result of low power steering fluid a transmission problem or bad wheel bearings. Rattling Noise While Accelerating 13 Answers. If the noise is present regardless of whether the engine is running you 1999 Subaru OutbackMaking Whining Noise During Acceleration ETC All the fluids were changed when I purchased the car 5 years ago I know long overdue. Oct 05 2006 1996 Honda Civic Strange Transmission Symptoms Revs high slow to accelerate Results 1 to 5 of 5 Discuss 1996 Honda Civic Strange Transmission Symptoms Revs high slow to accelerate in the rec. Sounds like a small supercharger. 1993 Honda Accord Start Up and Review 2. You check the dashboard nbsp can be the issue Civic manual reborn 97000km done feeling weird noise while accelerating crosses 4000 rpm then its produce quot ghaan sound quot At idle and acceleration engine makes whining noise. 54k miles yes I drive a lot of highway time to work. It may have been the front pump of the transmission making noise if the noise varied with engine speed and the noise really was coming from the transmission. driving home. It 39 s usually caused by a ground connection that is less than ideal. Since a bit of time I have a really annoying high pitched noise coming from the engine. But whenever is in gear the moment I give it gas there is a winding noise. The 2012 Honda Accord has 11 problems reported for hesitates when accelerating. Seems to correlate with pressing the accelerator. 10 Aug 2017 Picture this you 39 re driving along the road when all of sudden you notice that your car is making a whining noise. Our k24 engines do nbsp We often encounter engines that have a cold start knock or ticking noise. Clicking Noise While Turning. It does not make the noise while idling only when accelerating while driving. Your timing belt might whine while idling and actually stop whining after you continue accelerating only to return once you slow down. 2 Idler Pulley This is a consistent whining sound that is prevalent whenever the engine is running that gets worse as the rpm increases. 2018 Odyssey LX EX EX L The correct transmission fluid is indicated in your owner 39 s manual. Maybe the alternator but I 39 m not 100 sur Your torque converter can make a variety of noises when it goes bad. honda odyssey squealing noise when accelerating Media Publishing eBook ePub Kindle PDF View ID e471fb5b5 Mar 07 2020 By Robin Cook coming civic honda 2010 squealing noise while accelerating and turning i have a 2010 honda civic with about 67000 kms theres a mechanical squealing noise thats started over the last week when i Oct 11 2017 Engine is making whining noise when accelerated 2004 Honda CR V the noise does not die out when the gas paddle is depressed. I don 39 t hear the noise if I take my feet off the gas pedal. And it doesn t seem to matter the season. I get a whine noise from the engine belt area. 2001 Buick LaSabre 140 00 Hi This noise is only when moving and gets louder and changes pitch the faster the car is going. I have a 2009. But as far as whine its somewhat normal. I hear a slight metallic rattling noise coming from the front of my car when I accelerate. A whining sound when accelerating is almost always caused by a bad accessory attached to your Civic s engine. I purchased the car about 6 months ago and a few months after that noticed a slight whining noise coming from the engine. 12k miles now mostly in town. Fit 1. I notice it in neutral 1st and 2nd when accelerating and decelerating. The viable and easiest solution is tightening the heat shield or replacing it if it is worn. Transmission fluid level is OK and color is redish no burning smell. hey guys recently put my coupe on the road it has a ls swap and every time i accelerate i hear this whine from the motor. Dec 26 2016 Q when i start the car in the morning it makes whining noise for a bit a few miles 15 20 mins may be . For the past several years it has made a loud whine when in park or neutral much louder when cold. Every now and then when getting up between 50 to 60 mph the CRV would whine while pressing on gas and when letting off it stopped in the past. Mar 06 2014 2008 Honda Civic Whining Noise Duration 1 00. It is quite an annoyance. 3. Whether you have a Chevy Impala or Honda CR V we carry used engine parts for most make Your engine 39 s whining noise can be addressed relatively easily. Car Audio Noise. My sputtering amp stalling 1993 Honda Accord 1996 Acura Integra hesitation accelerating amp misfire. Honda rounds out its Civic lineup in Geneva by introducing the new three door which is toppe Tenth generation of benchmark compact sedan is a revelation. almost like a watery type of sound. If your car makes noise when accelerating it can be a problem like a worn out clutch disc or wheel bearing. Used to Apr 09 2012 I have a 2009 Honda Accord when accelerating a strange noise comes from the engine compartment. After which I hear a whirring whining noise from the engine while accelerating. The noise stops when I stop reversing. Put the tip of the screwdriver to the alternator and the handle to you ear. The squeaking whistling squealing noise I hear comes in only when I 39 m accelerating hard and only at approximately 2500 rpm. and a side note it shifts well other than the whining. Unfortunately at the time was unable to afford another repair bill since car was still 2003 Honda Civic LX makes quot dragging noise quot when initially accelerating. Also when it is making this whine when you make a turn the steering wheel will growl or grind. My car is making a strange whine noise. While your at it check out our Honda Civic Gallery which includes 2001 Honda Civic pictures all the way up to 2007 Honda Civic pictures. Hi I recently noticed that the car makes a whining noise when accelerating after the car has been sitting for awhile the engine is cool. My Photo i have a 97 2. honda forum at Car Dealer Forums My civic has been treating me great until about six months ago. makers. This noise would occur on slow turns left or right. Summary SHUDDER OR WHINE FROM THE TRANSMISSION WHEN ACCELERATING FROM A STOP. 2010 Honda CR V Whining noise that varies with RPM This whining noise has been driving me mad for 20 000 km or so. When starting your engine the starter ignition system fuel system and engine control computer must all work in harmony for the engine to fire. Sep 03 2018 The 2012 Honda CR V has 7 problems reported for vibration when accelerating. The sound grows louder when accelerating or going in higher rpms. My wife and I can never hear it. If I drive within the 75 80 km h range and slightly tap on the accelerator I hear the whining noise. That s another well known issue on an aged Honda Civic. It This is a very common issue on Honda Oddysey Ridgeline Pilot and with the 3. flat tire. When I accelerate the transmissions is whining in the 3rd gear high pitch noise and also in the 4th with additional slight rumbling as something was lose in the transmission It only whines when gas pedal is pressed. 2005 Honda Pilot . Dealer replaced power steering pump on my third trip to honda service. Apr 13 2020 The power steering fluid level is the first thing to check when a whining sound is heard coming from the power steering pump. Car otherwise runs perfectly fine and never fails to start. I recently bought a 39 99 Civic Si with 130k from a guy who had Jackson Racing prototype their first series of Superchargers for this engine and car back in 00 01. If the transmission filter is serviceable I recommend replacing the filter and fluid first and also have the filter inspected for any debris that may be clogging it or metal shavings. 2007 Honda Civic engine making a quot whirring quot noise. Results 1 to 22 of 22 94 Honda civic Location Meridian ID. 5 liter V6 engines installed in various Hondas can make a nbsp 31 May 2013 Eighth generation Honda Civic problems Recalls explained reliability issues highlighted Read this before you buy. Nov 09 2018 So what s about car makes noise when accelerating at low speed on the road The rattling noise appears when you start speeding up from 0 to maybe 30 or 40 mph and then disappear after car speed surpasses 40 mph. 1. Took it to two different honda Hey guys My 2018 civic si just started making a loud whistling or whining noise. Only the speed and the car has to be cuising so the gas pedal needs to be veeery slightly pressed. I have 2012 Pilot with about 96K miles. Bad Alternator. 11 Dec 2013 Hi just recently I 39 ve been getting a high pitched whining type noise that seems to mostly be Honda Civic 2009 EX Sedan Royal Blue Pearl . Sounds like a whining noise to me. The car seems to drive just fine but over the last week or so I 39 ve noticed that when I accelerate I can hear a fairly faint high pitched whine 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid began slight shuddering noise upon acceleration which eventually got worse taken in for repair and was told transmission fluid was flushed out 6 times in order to fully clean it out. I have seen in these posts that the whining noise upon higher acceleration like Ranger seems to always come from the 05 models. a 2007 honda civic. Your vehicle might have something loose nbsp 4 Apr 2011 But there is this kind of quot whine quot sound as it accelerates. Any speeds higher then 100 the noise is not evident. Honda has slipped a lot My 2015 Civic EX is still a good car but I am looking in other directions for more sportier designs. Honda Civic owners have reported 39 problems related to transmission noise under the power train category . 2016 Pilot 9 speed Honda ATF TYPE 2. Recently over summer I 39 ve noticed a really annoying whining noise that has only gotten worse now. when i start it up and when im driving usually once it warms up it quiets down but still noticeable its a weird whining noiseand when im in the mid high rpms is sounds like a damn superchargeridk wtf it is i Honda Civic LX makes quot dragging noise quot when initially accelerating. She was complaining that the car was making a noise. Oct 25 2016 after 9 years of perfect satisfaction with a 2010 honda accord i purchased a new 2010 honda accord on 08 2010. Suddenly the car has started to give out a whining noise on a cold start. It happens everytime. These bearing allow the wheel to turn and when they fail the produce a loud noise. use a large screw driver. Honda Civic Transmission Problems. This happens when the tension on it increases during a turn. The first thing to do when your car starts making a whining sound as you accelerate is to check the transmission system of your vehicle. Upon acceleration usually greater than speeds of 35 40mph only. When working properly a vehicle won t make any noise when turning the steering wheel. Re Honda Accord acceleration quot whine quot Re bustednutz 2222975 04 05 11 05 13 PM Honda Civic Transmission Problems. You may first notice a whine similar to a power steering pump that is low on fluid. It whines according I have 191K on my Civic it has that same whine. I brought it Hope someone can slightly shine a light on what my Honda Civic is doing. Car drives very fine in the morning without a whining noise but after driving for about 20 minutes it starts to make a very loud whining noise and hard to turn either left or right when am still but not hard to turn when i press the gas pedal. Jun 07 2008 Honda CRZ Honda and Acura 18 replies I don 39 t want all the bells amp whistles Automotive 45 replies Honda Civic 2011 vs Honda Civic 2012 Honda and Acura 1 replies Honda but which one Honda and Acura 13 replies 2011 honda cr v OR honda accord OR toyota rav4 Automotive 20 replies I am unable to post a link but if you search quot supercharged Si quot on YouTube you can find a video titled quot 400 HP Comptech Supercharged Honda Civic Si quot by The Smoking Tire. 8 5spd and it also has a whining noise Nov 09 2019 In cases where the noise is only present when your engine is on and it changes in pitch along with the RPM of the engine then the problem probably has to do with your alternator. The car has been doing fine until now. I describe the sound similar to that of when you are reversing except now it 39 s in 1 6. So recently last few months when I 39 ve been driving my car starts to make a kind of whirring sound when I accelerate. Check the transmission fluid and system of your vehicle. The Power Steering System. As have most I made an appointment at Kuni Honda to get it checked out. This only happens if . I have a Honda accord 2005. The most common transmission problem that causes a whining noise is low transmission A whining noise may occur as a result of low power steering fluid a transmission problem or bad wh Ever since the Honda Civic entered the US market in 1973 both the hatchback or sedan models offered an automatic or a manual transmission. Sep 18 2011 Honda Civic pronounced noise. With so many car parts working simultaneously it s difficult to figure out where exactly is the whining noise coming from. Mechanical nbsp Whether they 39 re soft or loud tire noises can be common yet alarming. . See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. Oct 13 2011 Civic Honda Noises Loud Whine Like Sort Of The Generic Sounds Oct 13 2011. It was purchased brand new and for the last few thousand miles i 39 ve started to hear a high whining noise. The contact owns a 2008 Honda Civic hybrid. Took it for a drive and noticed the noise also. Now in the morning especially after not driving for a day or two there is a thumping noise from the front when I brake like the whole front of the car is going to fall out I park outdoors amp the worst morning it had been heavy rain overnight. doesnt stop till the Anyone here know about Honda transmissions I have a 2005 Honda CR V with automatic transmission. Read on to learn more or visit the Dover Honda service center for a proper diagnosis Common Car Noises When Turning the Steering Wheel. Today I jacked my car up and removed the heat shield and the buzzing dropped about 50 percent. Car and Driver has the latest automotive news. by 1994 Honda Civic Check Engine Light Code Retrieval Tutorial Apr 27 2009 2001 Honda CRV with about 68 000 miles on it. When the car is in neutral and give gas it sounds good. when i start it up and when im driving usually once it warms up it quiets down but still noticeable its a weird whining noiseand when im in the mid high rpms is sounds like a damn superchargeridk wtf it is i May 11 2009 2003 Honda Odyssey whining related to speed not engine RPM. When I tried to turn it on it would make a t I own a 2008 Euro Civic Type R which has almost the same engine as the US Civic Si K20Z3 vs K20Z4 . I have a 1996 Honda Accord. I was driving and the car suddenly stopped accelerating. Jan 29 2018 The parking pawl needs help when your car is parked at an incline. 2006 Honda Pilot just started making a high pitch whining noise. Whining noise the noise it starts after I drive the car for like 2 3 minutes. In this case the 3. It seems to stock civic ex whistling whirring noise when accelerating. Up a fast California coastal canyon a car that spent whole generations rankling me is getting under my skin for very different reasons. Nov 22 2015 I have a 06 Honda Civic every time when I accelerate the car makes. If the noise increases with road speed whether accelerating or coasting it is more likely a wheel bearing. I got the belt adjuster changed but it still did not resolve the issue. What could this be I have a Honda Rebel CMX 250 and it makes a weird horn belt slipping like noice only in the morning when the first try to start the engine. While the horsepower engine options and body style have changed over the years starting procedures for the automatic remain the same. Grinding isn t always the first indicator of a problem however. Headlights and domelight quot pulse quot could it be alternator going bad 19 Jul 2017 Do you hear rattling from under the vehicle while accelerating This is a very common noise to hear. The current mileage was 730 and failure mileage was 600. Paperback. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda Civic based on all problems reported for the Civic. I have changed the power steering pump 2 times within a very short period. com Hi Everyone I just got an 09 EX L NAV RES and already put in 300miles on it. has done it since brand new. However the whining noise appears to stop after running the car for about 20 minutes. varies a little with temperature. it only happens if I start the car after the car has not been running for many hours. The whining sound can indicate that the fuel pump is going out before there are any performance based issues. While I am accelerating only around the 75 80 km h miles hr range I hear a whining noise that seems to be coming from the front of the car. I have a question to anyone has an 09 i 39 m hearing this whine whistle like sound more like the sound of an electric car whenever i step on the gas pedal it doesn 39 t matter if it 39 s on idle or running. 0. When you take a turn the belt travels through the steering wheel pump s pulley. Jun 28 2003 Chirping Squealing Noise from engine while accelerating If you take a cricket chirping and speed it up real fast That 39 s what it sounds like. The rpm gear acceleration dont matter. Apr 24 2018 The sound may be caused by a few different things. As soon as i start accelerating even just slightly it goes away. CRV with 38000 miles. I stopped to see if it was a flat tire but the tires were okay. When an alternator is going bad it ll often begin to put out a high pitched whining sound. Not even 3000 miles later shudder came back. Average failure mileage is 91 450 miles. While in neutral whine intensity reduces as vehicle speed reduces. RC Service Bulletin Number 02068 NHTSA Item Number 10000688 Summary Description CVT SHUDDER JUDDER SURGING SHOCK NOISE OR IDLE FLUCTUATION. The heat Why the Honda Civic GX will win green award. It is very common for car owners to experience a whining noise when accelerating. One of the most common signs that a fuel pump is going bad is a whining sound. Why does it not happen at any other speed. Mar 20 2018 My 2018 Atlas 3. It shifts well however when the 1st gear is engaged a noise is audible like a fast paced tactactac may be metal to metal contact. The noise sounds like is coming form the transmission area. It is a Honda Accord that was manufactured in 1985 Alternator Whine in Car Audio . 2007 Whirring noise when accelerating Honda 02 08 2014 I have a 2005 honda pilot There is a buzzing noise or whining noise that I can hear while driving when accelerating from 20 35 After 35 its Whining noise that starts at between 39 42 mph and stops about 45 46 mph. The noise is coming from the front not the back around the belt but the belt is OK. 19 Nov 2015 Here is a list of some of the most common sounds your Honda might make as you 39 re driving and suggestions of what might be causing them. If you are in the market looking for a Honda Civic for Sale or Honda Civic Parts for sale then go check out our Honda Civic Buy Sell and Trade forum. I have not been able to identify the cause. I noticed yesterday it makes a hissing noise when I accelerate. See also Honda Civic Fuse Diagram and 2007 Honda Civic Fuse Diagram. It happens in all five gears. In another circumstance when your automobile is running at low speed the noise keeping coming out of car engine. I would best describe the noise kinda like a grinding or rubbing it seems to be only herd up front not rear of the car. 1 Answer. ooo km. 2007 honda element LX auto matic Reverse whining but it s normal. A leak in the power steering system can start that annoying whining noise. My Honda transmission failed what should I do Call any Honda dealer and provide them with Jun 15 2020 I had all my brakes amp rotors replaced on a Honda Civic 2013 a few weeks ago costing 1200 AUD . It is right away assimilated to an engine unit issue and can therefore be critical. Honda crv grinding noise when accelerating Apr 04 2011 They even tried to tell me that whine noise was from the belt. 6 Benefits of a Noise Filter Jul 13 2020 Civic Hybrid CRZ Civic GX HX Insight Honda HCF2 Fluid. I first noticed it when I would speed up on the freeway. Second generation CVT transmissions Honda ATF TYPE 3. If the noise is coming from the motor it may be a bad alternator bearing or the power steering pump is making noise. Then when I accelerate there seems to be some type of whispering sound. A whining noise while accelerating it can causes by several things including low levels of steering fluid the steering pump a leak in the pump the alternator wheel bearings loose or worn belts the transmission and the exhaust. Jan 18 2016 this is a question I run into quite a bit and there are two ways this can go first you are super lucky and its no big deal or second you are going to have to cough up some dough and get a new power steering pump. Been searching for similar problems for days with only one other thread on 9thgencivics and basically said it 39 s normal. Noises problem 1998 Honda Civic 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 135k miles My car makes a whining noise while I either rev or accelerate it does it at a much lower volume when idling as well. com Oct 03 2019 Honda Civic Whining Noise When Accelerating. The vehicle has not been diagnosed by the dealer. Now its doing it almost all the time. Feb 18 2005 whining sound when accelerating. 2004 Honda CR V EX 4wd. It also seems to get a little quieter when I turn on the air conditioning. When I bought it the s c was gone. To see how frequently Honda Civic problems occur check out our car reliability stats. 6 hours ago Vw Golf Humming Noise. 1 4 of a mile My Honda Civic 1998 60 000 miles started to make a pronounced noise all of a sudden as I was driving home. It can be caused by Did you find the website helpful Thank you No So this article by Naijauto is meant to let you know what to check when your car makes a whining noise while accelerating. The noise goes up if i accelerate but goes away when car is warmed up which takes up around 5 minutes. Their previous offerings seemed like four wheel motorcycles but Honda is now definitely in th A transmission can prompt a whining noise if the operating system has malfunctioned the gears are not operating correctly or the transmission fluid needs to be A transmission can prompt a whining noise if the operating system has malfunctioned the gears are not operating correctly or the transm Visit Car and Driver to research Honda Civic Type R Car News. A malfunction in even one of the minor components in one of these systems can leave Their previous offerings seemed like four wheel motorcycles but Honda is now definitely in the car business. I went to two dealers past two days one for that and the other for a shudder. Sep 23 2017 Open the hood. i really couldnt tell you what i think it was because i have no idea any input will be much appreciated Jul 15 2006 The vehicle is a 2001 honda civic LX The problem shows itself ONLY if I turn on the AC and driving for a few minutes. Register Today It 39 s free. It sometimes gets so loud and sounds like sort of the generic sounds for bad cars in movies where it is a high pitched whine sort of scrape. For the last several months the car starts making a strange mechanical whining sound when turned on. 4 litre manual. Hello I am new to Pakwheels it 39 s kind of tricky to use this site well i have 2003 Honda Civic Exi and my car has a problem My car produces a whining sound when engine is turned on and increases if i accelerate . Jun 11 2019 Here are the most common symptoms of a bad fuel pump in your Honda Civic Whining Noise. Tightening the belt will solve this issue. Also it does not pick up speed when negotiating a mountain or hill. Did anyone find out for sure what is was Its a really annoying sound. i drove the car without drive belt and it still makes the same noise. I have confirmed its not the tranny. As it heats up they seal better and the noise fades. Top Answer. Honda technician told me I would have to replace my whole Y pipe which you 4 bangers have is headers. I told them to put it together and have it ready for me. When I am initially accelerating 0 10 mph it sounds like plastic is dragging from the center of th Aug 24 2013 The car that is having issue is a 95 Honda civic with 210K. May 30 2019 It only makes the noise when I press down hard on the gas pedal when starting to move the car while driving the car it doesn t make the noise. What is the squeaky noise on my 2009 honda rebel CMX 250 when I start the first time it then goes away . Here is what it has been doing. May 11 2009 2003 Honda Odyssey whining related to speed not engine RPM. The sound is coming front right of my car I think Forum discussion I have a 39 98 Nissan Maxima SE. Today it started to make a whining noise when I reverse. Older Civics with a manu Starting problems in your Honda Civic can be frustrating to diagnose. When it has gone loose it does not follow its normal trajectory over the pulley but slips. When transmission is placed in neutral the whine remains. Mar 23 2015 Based on the claims from several Honda Accord owners a loose heat shield covering the catalytic converter will cause a rattling or grinding noise as you accelerate. The transmission or the power steering system. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Whining noise while accelerating seems to be one of the most commonly faced and most discussed problems on automobile forums worldwide. The change to the noise once the engine warms up suggests that a gasket surface is not mated properly. Sep 18 2018 A loose steering belt could be the culprit behind a whining noise when accelerating. Whining noise that starts at between 39 42 mph and stops about 45 46 mph. Try the same technique on the PS pump. However you don t have to fall within that age range to appreciate its many great features. Only happens when accelerating as soon as I take my foot off the accelerator 39 gas pedal 39 to you Americans to coast or press the clutch the noise stops. Cars can make these whining noises from 1 of 2 places. it subsides after driving for 10 minutes and speed up to 50 mph. Cannot reproduce the sound while at a standstill. As we know that you do not take these problems lightly we have made a decision to create this content to support you find the causes and eradicate this issues as quickly as possible. Loud whining noise started after approx. Without even getting out of their chairs both told me 5000 needs transmission rebuild. What happens is the return hose Honda 53731 S9A 000 from the reservoir to the pump gets hard and the o ring Honda 91345 RDA A01 on the return pipe where the return hose connects is worn out. The noise increases as the accelerator is pushed. I made it just in time into the parking lot and then it shut off. A faulty belt can squeal usually while turning the wheel. 2007 Whirring noise when accelerating Honda 02 08 2014 I have a 2005 honda pilot There is a buzzing noise or whining noise that I can hear while driving when accelerating from 20 35 After 35 its May 27 2012 I had a 39 whistling whining sound 39 problem once even at very slow speeds and when accelerating posted on this thread in December 2011 . Nov 03 2015 Two Honda dealers have changed the transmission fluid but it it did not fix it. See full list on honda tech. with 51k miles it make whining sound when accelerating and letting go off the the gas pedal at 3 4k rpm i have taken the drive belt off to see if it was the belt or tensioner or alternator that was making the noise. This is the whining noise I hear in my Si when I push it a bit starting in mid RPMs. For well over a decade the Honda Civic has been one of the bestselling vehicles particularly with people ages 35 and under. Once the engine is at normal operating temperatures about ten blocks or three to five minutes the sound totally goes away. Hi I need your insight regarding an 06 Honda Civic. 2008 Honda Civic Type R R 18297 I thought they all have a slight whirring noise mines usually de accelerating my mates has a slight whirring as well I have a problem with my FN2R it makes this whining noise when it decelerates and it is only very noticeable at speeds of 100km reducing to 90km it seems to go away under 90km if i put my foot on the clutch the noise is gone also if i accelerate. Recently I 39 ve noticed a whining noise while driving especially when starting to accelerate at complete stop. Apr 09 2009 I have a Honda Odyssey 2001 125. description Honda crv shaking when accelerating Honda crv shaking when accelerating View all 480 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2005 Honda Odyssey on Edmunds or submit your own review of the 2005 Odyssey. They make similar noises because the working fluid and pumps in each have very similar designs. The faster I accelerate the louder the noise. Jun 28 2018 Long shot. It 39 s an automatic 2002 Civic Coupe LX. please help After a 300 mile road trip I noticed my car buzzing while accelerating. Recently Donut Media has been releasing weekly videos for their series Everything You Need to Know Up to Speed featuring a back story on enthusiasts favorite cars and brands but before they started that series they had Learn common reasons why your car may be making a noise when you make a turn at Power Steering System A screeching or whining noise while turning at normal There 39 s a reason that the Honda Civic is such a fixture on the Lynn and nbsp 7 Dec 2010 My Si and LX both make a slight whining noise at higher rpms. My similar problem on a 04 v6 accord as if the car seemed like an old bucket with wheels or so the feel when accelerating. Had I not happened to watch this video long before I bought it I also would have panicked. It makes a mechanical sounding whine when I 2006 Honda Civic It sound louder when temperature is cold in the morning. A previous quot grinding quot noise problem was resolved by replacing the rear differential fluid. 12. The noise gets louder as I rev the engine. This happens in either cold or hot weather. Honda crv shaking when accelerating twitter. Jan 27 2019 The whining noise may be a sign of the transmission pump starving for fluid or internal damage. Starting a few weeks it started making the same whining noise when turning going around roundabouts and also when first accelerating from a stop Especially when the car is cold . When you accelerate and hear a squeal a squeak or a whine odds are the cause is a worn belt. It has been doing this for about 6 months now and I believe it is worse then when I first noticed it. When I let go the gas the noise goes away. If it sounds much louder than usual you may have a bad bearing or pulley on one of your belt driven parts the alternator power steering pump water pump AC compressor or supercharger Help Car won 39 t start Making a whining noise. Not tread noise. heard whine loud and consistent on startup and the whine intensifies as the engine warms with driving. Jan 26 2019 1. For about the past 2 months everytime I get into my car and take off it 39 s making this high pitched noise and it get louder as I accelerate. Sounds like a lose fan or something only occurs when accelerating and seems to happen more frequently now. I do check the fluids regurlarly but admittedly forgot about the front differential fluid. Average failure mileage is 26 350 miles. I own a 2007 Honda Civic. 6 SE AWD no tech package has been great so far however I notice a rather annoying sound that is hard to describe almost like a belt that is turning or has some loud friction but ONLY at very low speeds when first accelerating like after stopping at a stop sign and then lightly accelerating to go and usually uphill even if only a slight incline. Ignition Coil. Hi I 39 ve been member for awhile and this is my first post. The rattling sound in the front of a 1995 Honda Civic wheels can be caused by wheel bearings. I 39 ve had it for 20K miles so it cannot be too bad. After 9 years of perfect satisfaction with a 2001 honda accord i purchased a new 2010 honda accord on 08 2010. loud whining noise started after approx. Our car experts choose every product we feature. 2007 honda element LX auto matic Jul 10 2008 I have a Honda Civic LX 2004 with 68 000 miles. Hope someone can slightly shine a light on what my Honda Civic is doing. Alternator whine is caused by a difference in electrical potential voltage between two points. Recently I ve noticed that my 2007 Honda Civic makes an odd whining noise when accelerating. 19 Jan 2015 If it 39 s a 2014 and it only has 6k miles on it then I would simply drive it to the closest Honda dealership and let them figure it out. Aug 26 2008 well i have this werid noise sounds like its coming from the alternator. This allows the system to draw in a little air and it whines. May 23 2019 Specifically when you feel a noise when you accelerate on your Honda Accord. Probable Cause Failed outer CV joint If your car is making a clicking noise when turning it is likely you have an outer CV joint constant velocity joint that has failed because of a torn boot or old age most likely a torn boot. Honda A T 39 s have some noisy units out there. honda civic whining noise when accelerating